Ice Driving Experience

The ultimate Ice Driving Experience

The Ice Driving experience is the experience of a life time. It will be one you will never forget - it is addictive.

Driving on ice requires tremendous skill, strong concentration and of course, a passion for driving. The road is slippery with no signs of dry land ahead. Your heart beats faster as your car is losing traction by the second. You get challenged by a bend out of nowhere, and you have to conquer it. Sounds fun isn't it?

Founded by our love and passion for driving on ice, is the only company in the world to provide ice driving programs in 9 countries around the world.

Apart from driving on ice, we also love to enjoy ourselves. While we are not in our cool cars, we are participating other winter activities like skiing, dog sledding, ice fishing and more! Check out the winter activities you can do while you're with us!

Something for Everyone

Just want to have fun
If you are interested in experiencing driving on ice, check out our individual ice driving packages that are available in 9 countries around the world. You will master different skills and meet different at each of them.

I am a racer
Getting used to high speeds already? Check out our cost effective 1 on 1 rally driver training by over 50 world champion instructors.

Corporate Packages and Groups
Looking for something different to do while bonding with your team or loved ones? Check out our corporate packages. You will be surprised at our wide range of packages and the services we provide!